WFR Canyon June 2019

Where: Washington Family Ranch Canyon, Antelope, OR
When: June 14-21, 2019
Cost: $1,300
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Young Life Camp 2019

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June 14, 2019 12:00 PM

Contact: Ashley Wardrop, Area Director for Ketchikan Young Life

Cell: (503) 884 - 3841

​Travel Information

Trip to Camp

We fly from KTN>SEA>PDX on June 14th

*Alaska Flights 178 and 704

Ground transportation details will be finalized at a later date with the general plane of caravaning to Salem, OR from PDX. Overnighting in Salem, dinner provided. Light breakfast morning of the 15th provided. Followed by approximately 4 hour caravan to camp with at least one 30 minute stop in Redmond, OR, on the way for lunch at a Fred Meyer's where student may purchase lunch and other items they ma want with them at camp.

Once at camp all electronics are to be given up by students, and locked away for the week of camp. These items are safely stored for the week to prevent theft, damage, and to allow for face to face relatiosnhips to grow while at camp.

There is no cell service at camp. There are pay phones which are usable with a calling card that can be purchased at camp. Students electronics are returned upon departure.

Trip home from camp

Caravan from camp to PDX. Approximately 3 hour drive. We will have one stop in Biggs Junction, OR, for short lunch. We will be on a time crunch and will hurry to the airport for our flight.

We will fly PDX>SEA>KTN on June 21st

*Alaska Flights 2256 and 69


Please contact Area Director Ashley Wardrop if you wish to arrange other travel options.

*Our flights are reserved as a group ticket allowing for a slightly reduced rate.

​Cost Breakdown

Cost of attending camp: $1,300

Camp Fees: $557
Airfare Approx: $545*
Additional Travel: $98
Other Expenses: $100
*Taxes and fees estimated
What do these fees go towards?
  • Camp cost
    • Camp Fee covers ALL costs of the following while at camp
        • Lodging
        • Meals
        • Activities
  • Travel to and from camp
    • Plane Ticket
    • Ground transportation
    • Overnight housing meal
  • Other Expenses Covered
    • Area Camp T-shirt
    • Cabin supplies
      • Snacks, sunblock, etc.
    • Event related items brought by leadersvent related items brought by leaders

Students will want to bring spending money for additional food to or from camp itself. There is a camp store where they may buy anything ranging from guitar picks, sweatshirts, and backpacks. There is also an awesome snack and espresso shop where they can spend money they bring.

For every 6 campers one leader attends camp with the campers and a small portion of camper fees go toward leader costs to allow our voluteer leaders taking time off work to attend camp with our high school friends to build friendships. 




We understand that paying for camp is not always an option for some families as it is a large expence. Campers are not expected to pay for camp but to fundraise for it. Campers who earn money for camp always seem to enjoy it more knowing they worked to get there. Each year we have had some students fundraise 100% of their camp fees at our fundraisers. We do several different fundraisers and are always trying to add new creative ways to raise money for students and leaders to attend camp.

Fundraisers that we have found to be successful in the past include:

  • Car Washes
    • Sundays starting in April
  • Madison BBQ's
    • Once after Memorial Day
  • Mother's Day Pick-A-Pie
  • Business Proceeds
    • AJ's Burgers
  • Garage Sales
    • Saturdays in May and June
  • Event Boothes

Fundraisers we will be trying this year

  • Papa John Pizza
  • Stadium Seat Cushion Sales 

If you have an idea for a fundraiser be sure to contact Area Director Ashley Wardrop.

If you would like to donate to our camp fund to help send students and leaders to camp, use the button below to make a tax deductable gift to Young Life.

This link should only be used for donations, not camp payments toward your camper. There is a 5% processing fee on all card based transactions, however a bank transfer has no fee and 100% goes to camperships.


Young Life Ketchikan | 2417 Tongass Ave Ste 111-415 Ketchikan, AK 99901-5900

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